Oprah: My New Boss

As everybody knows, except the people under rocks, yesterday was election day. Now that this Duh moment is past us, let’s get to the real stuff.

I got a new boss today. Her name is Oprah.

Hear me out. 

The organization I work for is overseen by a board of directors, composed of elected officials of the various jurisdictions we serve. Yesterday, a few of those positions saw some big changes, with incumbents being defeated and new names taking the seats. One of these is Michael Tubbs, a 22 year old, Stanford educated male from the south part of Stockton. He is one of 15 voting seats on our board. Ergo, he is 1/15th my boss.

One of Tubbs’ achievements this campaign was a pretty decent fundraising effort. And the most notable? Oprah, with a $10,000 donation to his campaign. Yes, the Oprah. Her donation constitutes roughly 12% of the donations to his campaign.

That makes Oprah WInfrey 12% of 6.7% my boss. Which if my math is correct, means she is .8% my boss. Right? Maybe I’ll get a fraction of a car from her. Or at least a hot wheel.


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