What happens when you get lazy and try to let your cat write your blog posts

From the brilliance of my cat’s paws, I bring you this:


Yep. In all his prancing across the keyboard, that’s all the literary genius I got out of him, other than trying to force quit every application and attempting to shut down the entire system. I’m thinking I should probably let him stick to music.


In less lazy ventures, tonight was inadvertent date night, as everyone who was considering going to the movies with us bailed or had other plans. Or just couldn’t make my old lady request for the earliest possible showtime. We saw Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie, and it was quite near “brilliant” as the British would say. The plot was interesting, they did a great use of recognizing the history of the series while acknowledging there must be a future, and it was just fun. I hope they keep making them, but at the same time I wonder if this isn’t a good place to pause the series for a bit. In any case, it looked great on the imax screen. Not bad for a Tuesday night.


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