The vacuum.

Tonight was moving time for the fella, which meant I got to indulge my compulsive love of vacuuming. Yeah, I’m blogging about vacuuming, but it’s been a hefty long week. 

In any case, I love to vacuum. This would probably surprise about anyone who knew me, considering the majority of my possessions are usually in perpetual disarray. Additionally, my house has wood floors and a few lone area rugs, not providing me with many prime opportunities. 
But this room tonight… There was carpet! Dog hair! Crumbs and scraps! It was perfect. 
There is something so infinitely satisfying about hearing that crackling noise when something hearty gets sucked up, and seeing the orderly lines appear on the carpet, and watching the muck disappear.
I know I can’t be alone in this fascination, but I may be  one of the few who actually just dedicated a post to the vacuum. Don’t hold it against me please. 
And for the record, mine’s a Simplicity. And awesome. 

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